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About the Artist


I am a studio potter devoted to making utilitarian pieces, sometimes inspired by historical pottery, but often with an unconventional element. I am inspired to make by the moldability and responsiveness of clay.  Most of my work is made on the wheel, then hand-altered. Each piece is individually considered for a fluid shape, inviting details and an organic feel. I take great pride in making art that is day-to-day serviceable, yet elevates the moments you are using it.

Custom Orders

I use 5 different clays and 14 different glazes, employing techniques such as mishima, sgraffito and hand-painting. Special requests are welcome.

    Use and Care

Glazes are food safe and microwave and dishwasher safe. Pieces are not for stovetop use and should be placed in a cold oven, then brought to temperature, no higher than 400 degrees. Freezing is not recommended.

Viewing My Work

My work can be seen at various shows and in gift shops throughout PA and also by appointment in my studio. I also ship in the continental US, taking payments thru PayPal.

"Pottery class with Roxanne Dombrosky — such an amazing experience! The boys had a blast and can’t wait to go back to glaze their work — she did an outstanding job with the boys and the work she has on her shelves is amazing! Super excited we

discovered her art studio! I learned so much about pottery today - and the boys were so excited to throw a pot on the wheel!"

Pottery class with Roxanne Dombrosky — s
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